Digital Communications Officer


James Crooks is a graduate of the University of St Andrews, completing his PhD in the School of Classics in 2019 with his thesis entitled ‘When is Rome? Developments in Civic Identity during the Archaic Period (c.650 – 350 BC). In his role with the Centre, James is our Digital Communications Officer, with a focus on developing and enacting our Social Media and Public Outreach Strategy. He hosts, produces, and releases the podcast series All About Energy and acts as the head of the Editorial Board for The Energy Blog.

Selected publications

2019. Review: Neel (J.) Early Rome: Myth and Society. A Sourcebook. Classical Review.

2019. “Voluntarii at the Gates: Irregular Recruitment and the Siege of Veii” in J. S. Armstrong and M. Trundle (eds.) “Brill’s Companion to Sieges in the Ancient Mediterranean”.