Youth and Climate with Isabella Cuervo-Lorens and Georgina Steel

Host James is joined by Dr Emilka Skrzypek (St Andrews) for a special youth-focused episode of the All About Energy podcast. Our hosts welcome two guests into the virtual studio – the winner and runner-up of the Centre for Energy Ethics’ 3MPlanet competition: Isabella Cuervo-Lorens and Georgina Steel. Our guests reflect on their journeys into the worlds of sustainability and climate change and the importance of the youth voice.

 For more details from the podcast see below.

In this podcast, James discusses two surveys. The first was conducted by Virgin Media 02 and reported in the Sun and Express newspapers. The second is a larger international study led by a team from the University of Bath.

You can still find Isabella and Georgina’s 3MPlanet videos along with those of all our other finalists on our website.

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Music by ANtarctic Breeze.