Professor John Irvine: Hydrogen Power and an Intro to Energy Materials

Once again our host James is joined by Centre for Energy Ethics PhD Researcher Anna Rauter (St Andrews) as the two discuss the news about ‘Polluter Elites’ and the WMO report on the ‘State of the Global Climate, 2020’.

Our hosts then go into a wide-ranging interview with special guest Professor John Irvine, world-leading contributor to the science of energy materials based at the University of St Andrews.

 For more details from the podcast see below.

Professor Irvine is involved in a number of research groups at the University; check out the Energy and Materials Group and the Hydrogen Accelerator Project.

Anna’s discussion of ‘Polluter Elites’ comes out of this study from the Cambridge Sustainability Commission on Scaling Behaviour Change. It was also informed by the BBC article ‘World’s wealthiest ‘at heart of climate problem” written by Roger Harrabin.

James’ discussion of the ‘State of the Global Climate, 2020’ came from the WMO report of the same name

Music by ANtarctic Breeze.