Adam Sébire: Climate Change through the Artist’s Eye

Host James along with PhD Researcher Anna Rauter (St Andrews) discuss recent studies on the climate impacts of trawling and what happens when you feed cows seaweed. Then our two hosts interview the Art of Energy Award winner, Adam Sébire, an artist on the front-lines of Climate Change.

 For more details from the podcast see below.

Check out all of Adam’s work on his website: (; or head to the Art of Energy Exhibition to see his award-winning piece on display!

In this podcast, Anna discussed the article, Dramatisk utslippsøkning i Norge om vi regner med tråling av havbunnen written by Iselin Elise Fjeld in NRK. Both Anna and this article made reference to the recent study: Protecting the global ocean for biodiversity, food and climate, conducted by Enric Sala, Juan Mayorga, and Jane Lubchenco and published in Nature.

James’ discussion of cows came from a study out of UC Davis by Roque et al. entitled: Red seaweed (Asparagopsis taxiformis) supplementation reduces enteric methane by over 80 percent in beef steers.

Music by ANtarctic Breeze. Other media provided courtesy of Adam.