Lubomila Jordanova and the Business of Sustainability

Our host James and Centre for Energy Ethics PhD researcher Anna Rauter discuss energy news including rising oil prices alongside falling investment and some new research into the idea of ‘Net Zero’ emissions. Our hosts then welcome our special guest for the episode, Lubomila Jordanova, CEO and co-founder of PlanA.Earth for a discussion of sustainability in the modern economic environment.

 For more details from the podcast see below.

As mentioned in the interview, in addition to her  work with PlanA.Earth, our guest Lubomila Jordanova helped to co-found the GreenTech Alliance and works with the FemGems Club to help promote female business founders.

In the news section this week, James discussed a guest piece in Carbon Brief titled ‘Why CO2 Removal is not equal and opposite to reducing emissions‘ by Professor Kirsten Zickfeld which was based on an article in the journal Nature Climate Change: ‘Asymmetry in the climate–carbon cycle response to positive and negative CO2 emissions.

Anna’s news piece relied on three articles: ‘This Time Is Different: Outside OPEC+, Oil Growth Stalls‘ from Bloomberg; ‘Oil may hit $100 but volatility will also grow, say energy CEOs‘ from Reuters; and ‘Country exits: Equinor to drop Mexican deep-water assets as focus shifts‘ from Upstream.


Music by ANtarctic Breeze.