Welcome to The Art of Energy accessibility page.  We appreciate that not everyone can comfortably navigate the 3D virtual space of the gallery.  Below you will find slideshows of the exhibits in each of the gallery buildings. 

We hope you enjoy. 

The Mezzanine Energy Building

Art of Energy Featured Artists


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Art of Energy Competition Visual Submissions

Mezzanine Galleries

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Art of Energy Competition Written Submissions

In order to make the written submissions accessible to those using screen readers, we have chosen to exclude them from the gallery above and separate them onto their own page.

In this building you will find works by: 

Ed Kashi *Edoardo Santangelo 
Brook Peterson *Jasper McKinney 
Owen Logan*Jonah Garrett-Bannister 
Adam Sébire **Katerina Evangelou 
Rebecca Sharp Hannah Imlach & Thomas Butler 
Natasha Awuku Jason Moyes 
Rishabh Raghavan Maica Gugolati 
Alec Finlay Rickard Fornstedt, Helena Fornstedt & Staffan Laestadius 
Amy McTurk Kris Murphy 
Craig Buchan Mary and Michal 
Daniella Levins & Noah Gillespie Ojo Taiye 
George Fox Rosewxd 
Alicia Cohen Shane Hynan 
Andreas Bock Michelsen Ted Leeming 
Anne Sofie Møller Askholm Yulia Dotsenko 
Clare Yarrington Zi Quan 
Daniel Silas 

(*) Our featured artists gave interviews about their work. Find them on Youtube by following these links: Brook Peterson, Ed Kashi, and Owen Logan.
(**) Art of Energy first-prize winner Adam Sébire also featured on an episode of the All About Energy Podcast. Listen to it now.

Building 2

Eco Worrier Eco Warrior

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In this building you will find the following exhibits: 

Sea Mammal Research Unit 

Hydrogen Accelerator 

Eco Worrier, Eco Warrior 

From steaming swamp to blanket bog: peatlands in action 

Building 3

Baku Exhibition

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In this building you will find the following exhibits: 

What Does Post-Industrial Look Like? 

A Place For Oil: Memory Of Oil And Place In Museums Across The World 

Exhibit 3: opening November 2021 

Exhibit 4: opening November 2021