Senior Lecturer in Critical Area Studies, Central and Eastern European Studies, University of Glasgow


Dr Leyla Sayfutdinova is a Senior Lecturer in Critical Area Studies at the University of Glasgow. She holds PhD in Sociology from the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Türkiye. Her research has focused on energy and the post-socialist transition in Azerbaijan, especially urban change, nationalism, and social consequences of the post-Soviet industrial restructuring. Her most recent project “Turning oil into stone”, funded by the European Commission through Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions, examines the multiple ways in which oil industry and urban space have been co-produced in Baku, one of the world’s earliest oil cities. Leyla’s research has been published in Journal of Eurasian Studies, Labor History, Work, Employment and Society, and Nationalities Papers.

Selected publications

The Oil Industry as Heritage: Baku’s Untapped Resource. Baku Research Institute 2023

Ethnic boundaries and territorial borders: on the place of Lezgin irredentism in the construction of national identity in Azerbaijan, Nationalities Papers 2022, 50(4), 794-812

Informal Professionalism: the case of Engineers in Soviet and post-Soviet Azerbaijan, Work, Employment, Society 2021, 35(5), 931-947 (with Ayça Ergun)

Mapping the mobility of Azerbaijani Soviet engineers: linking West and East? Labor History, 2018, 59(3), 316-330.

Negotiating Welfare with the Informalizing state: Formal and Informal Practices among Engineers in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan, Journal of Eurasian Studies, 2015, 6(11), 23-34.