A new Honours-level module curated and taught by a Centre for Energy Ethics team has been awarded a ‘Golden Dandelion’ prize for excellence in education for sustainable development.

Launched in 2020-2021 Semester 2, The Anthropology of Energy module takes a cutting-edge anthropological approach to the challenge of how to balance growing global energy demands with concerns about sustainability at a time of accelerated anthropogenic climate change. The aim of the module is to equip students with the innovative analytical skills needed to make sense of climate change and to find new solutions to our collective sustainability dilemma. The course was co-designed by Dr Mette High, Dr Pauline Destrée and Dr Sean Field and featured guest lectures from Centre Researchers Dr Leyla Sayfutdinova, Sarah O’Brien and Anna Rauter.

The inaugural Golden Dandelion Prize is awarded to modules that have been submitted to the Sustainability in the Curriculum Prize competition and which meet criteria for excellence in education for sustainable development.  The dandelion was selected as a symbol for seeding, nourishing and disseminating sustainability.