Lecturer, School of Geography and Sustainable Development


Dr Lydia Cole is a conservation ecologist with a keen interest in how ecosystems, in particular peatlands, can be managed sustainably in the face of a variety of anthropogenic pressures. Past projects, involving time in both academia and industry, include: creating remote monitoring tools for UK peatlands; reconstructing past vegetation change and assessing future prospects for the coastal peatlands of Malaysian Borneo; exploring human-wildlife interaction in northeast India; and training Government, research and NGO partners in Ghana, Indonesia and Malaysia on the use of a decision support tool for restoring wildlife connectivity. She is a lecturer in Geography and Sustainable Development at the University of St Andrews and developing a digital masters course in Data Literacy for Social and Environmental Justice. She is Chair of the Conservation Ecology Special Interest Group of the British Ecological Society, and Coordinator of Expert Group: Peatlands and Biodiversity, of the International Peatland Society‘s Scientific Advisory Board.

Selected publications

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