The Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs is excited to present their Climate Ethics seminar series, which will take place once a month in the usual CEPPA seminar timeslot: Thursday 4-5.30pm. See below for this semester’s programme, kicking off in week 2 with Simon Hope speaking on ‘Climate Change as a Philosophical Problem’.

All are very welcome to attend! Please email Mara at [email protected] if you’d like to be on the mailing list for Climate Ethics events only, or for all CEPPA events.

Climate Ethics S1 2023/2024

Thursdays 4-5.30pm, Edgecliffe G03

Week 2 (21 Sep) 

Simon Hope (Stirling) 

‘Climate Change as a Philosophical Problem’ 

Commentator: Quân Nguyen (Edinburgh) 

Week 7 (26 Oct) 

Alex Douglas (St Andrews) 

‘Positive interest rates block green transitions, and there is no compelling reason not to fix the interest rate at zero’ 

Week 10 (16 Nov) 

Cristina Richie (Edinburgh) 

‘Green Bioethics: Environmental Sustainability and Health Care’ 

– Commentator: Joseph Millum (St Andrews) 

CEPPA Seminar S2 2023/2024 

Thursdays 4-5.30pm, Edgecliffe G03

Week 1 (14 Sep) – online 

Frances Kamm (Rutgers) 


Week 3 (28 Sep) – in person 

Barry Maguire (Edinburgh) 

‘Two Moralities of Recognition’’ 

Week 4 (5 Oct) – online 

Paulina Sliwa (Vienna) 

‘Blaming the Victim’ 

Week 6 (ILW) 19 Oct – TBC 

Andreas Mogensen (Oxford) 


Week 7 (26 Oct) – online 

Dana Nelkin (UCSD) 


Week 8 (2 Nov.) – online 

Orri Stefánsson (Stockholm) 

‘Chance Prioritarianism’ 

Week 9 (9 Nov.) – online 

Lara Buchak (Princeton) 


Week 14 (14 Dec) – online 

Matthew Liao (NYU)