6:30pm Thursday 5 October

Weaving spoken word and movement, taken on a journey through Australia’s devastating bushfires including Penny’s own experiences, through their ignition and devastation, and left with space to ponder how we got here.

Embedded in its soundscape are sounds from Black Summer — of magpies that have learned to mimic emergency sirens, of the shark sirens used to draw attention to the fire-blackened skies, and of helicopters circling overhead. Original music from Paul Michael Henry is interwoven with the delicate lighting of David Bowes.

Bringing together both past and future, fact and personal lived account, Burnt Out is at once an intimate personal story and a universal meditation and reflection on our changing climate.

Running time: 50m, followed by post-show Q&A with CEE Researcher, Dr Bridget Bradley, whose work explores themes of mental health, kinship and activism, and she has conducted long-term fieldwork in Britain. Her recent research project, Eco Worrier, Eco Warrior, investigated experiences of eco-anxiety and family life among climate activists in the UK.