Ever considered using a Policy Brief as an innovative form of assessment? CEE’s Emilka Skrzypek teamed up with colleagues at the University of St Andrews’ Organisational and Staff Development Services to develop a workshop for staff members with a keen interest in innovative teaching and learning, and research and policy engagement.

The workshop is open to the University of St Andrews staff only

This workshop invites teaching colleagues from across the University of St Andrews to think outside the box! We introduce an assessment format the policy briefing that not only helps us capture some of the more complex and inter-disciplinary contexts that define our modern teaching in Higher Education, but also allows us to develop students communicative and analytical skills and enrich their overall learning experience. Last but not least, we also see the potential for policy briefings to be used as a means to engage with employers and involve them in the University curriculum.

The first part of the workshop will give participants a sense of the Higher Education literature and discourse of the matter and will explain the rationale behind this assessment tool. We will then offer insights from a survey conducted with staff, students and employers, as well as our own working experience with the policy briefing from an IR and SD perspective. Participants will then be invited to get involved in an exercise on how to de-construct and analyse policy briefings, which is then followed by a feedback & discussion session.

This workshop is ideal for anyone with a keen interest in innovative teaching and learning, and, while policy briefings may not be a perfect fit for some disciplines, there will be plenty of food for thought and transferrable ideas for all.

The Centre for Energy Ethics has recently hosted a PEPtalk three: Policy Briefs seminar. For all those interested in finding out more about the Policy Briefs format, you can find the seminar recording here: PEPtalks | Energy Ethics


Dr Antje Brown

Dr Rikard Jalkebro

Dr Emilka Skrzypek

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