IMAGE 1: Cold Rave On: tree graffiti by the River Esk. CEE writing retreat at The Burn, October 2022
IMAGE 2: First snow, orbits

I’ve been developing a new sequence that I’m calling ‘solar panel’ poems. They are / will be semi-concrete (visual) in style, each taking the same square-ish (solar panel) form. The sequence may end up being called Attractors.

In the same way a solar panel attracts and conducts energy, it’s my intention that the poems highlight and intensify attention and energy towards the particular work, ideas, practice or actions of a diverse range of individuals (both within and outwith CEE).

Among the various threads I’ve been gathering over the last 3 months, I enjoyed reading Vivienne Wild’s CEE blog postThe energy ethics of understanding our place in the universe’. Vivienne is a Professor at the School of Physics and Astronomy and a member of the group Astronomers for Planet Earth. One of the new ‘solar panel’ poems addresses Vivienne’s work, responding to some of the points she sets out in her article – which I’m happy to share with you here.

As we approach Winter Solstice, I’m thinking about that moment of stillness as we turn from darkness towards light, and send good wishes for all our endeavours.

This is a poem with significance placed on the shape of the work. 

Poem text:


i	Vivienne

Vivienne reaches for the light, holds vastness
close enough to count the motes that glance 
our blue-green orb miraculous, calculates
intelligence a likely possibility 
unmet within the set of endings we ourselves
are set against as humans laying claim to visibility, a floating wand that casts for 
what is fable, what is form, what is pattern recognised, as nearby nightly revolutions startle in the dark and we compute 
the cost of looking,
Vivienne reaches for the light