Research Internship Scheme

The Centre for Energy Ethics (CEE) offers Honours and Masters students the opportunity to gain experience in academic research through the Research Internship Scheme. The scheme gives students the opportunity to enhance their learning experience by working on academic research projects with CEE members.

Internship Calls

If you are interested in participating in the scheme, please submit a short application comprising a cover letter stating your motivation, skills and topic interests to [email protected].

Your application can be submitted at any time and will be kept on file for staff reference for one year. Twice a year applications will be reviewed and students will be informed when CEE members are seeking research assistants.

Key facts:

Eligibility: Undergraduate or Masters student at University of St Andrews
Project location:Centre for Energy Ethics, University of St Andrews
Funding:Projects are allocated in 5-hour blocks and students are paid £10.90 per hour of work completed. A student can hold more than one block, although no student should be asked to work hours that are incompatible with their studies.
Project length:2-12 weeks