Energy and Ethics? Special Issue of the JRAI

Edited by Mette M. High And Jessica M. Smith

Journal of The Royal Anthropological Institute, Volume 25, Issue S1 (March 2019)

How energy dilemmas constitute important sites for the generation of anthropological knowledge, encouraging more insightful and inclusive discussions of the place of energy in human and more-than-human lives.

Exploring the Anthropology of Energy: Ethnography, Energy and Ethics

Edited by Mette M. High and Jessica M. Smith

Energy Research & Social Science, Volume 30, Pages 1-116 (August 2017)

This Special Issue explores the anthropology of energy by highlighting the unique contributions an ethnographic perspective offers to understanding energy and ethics. We propose the term energy ethics to capture the ways in which people understand and ethically evaluate energy.

Cover Image for Power and precariousness in the expert hierarchies of the US hydrocarbon industry.

Power and precariousness in the expert hierarchies of the US hydrocarbon industry

Sean Field

Critique of Anthropology. 2021;41(3):303-319.

Drawing on ethnographic research in Houston, Texas, I explore how oil and gas experts negotiate social power and precariousness within the US hydrocarbon sector. In an industry long associated with corporate power, the careers of experts are precariously balanced on rising and falling hydrocarbon prices. This makes the social power these experts wield as fluid […]

Risk and responsibility: Private equity financiers and the US shale revolution

Sean Field

Economic Anthropology 9(1), published online 17 August 2021

Drawing on ethnographic research in Houston, Texas, I explore how private equity financiers in the US hydrocarbon industry are empowered to define and take financial risks on our collective behalf. The US shale revolution could not have unfolded without the financial risk-taking activities of private equity financiers who channeled billions of dollars into US unconventional […]

The Absent Presence of the State in Large-Scale Resource Extraction Projects

Edited by Nick Bainton and Emilka Skrzypek

Asia-Pacific Environment Monographs

Standing on the broken ground of resource extraction settings, the state is sometimes like a chimera: its appearance and intentions are misleading and, for some actors, it is unknowable and incomprehensible. It may be easily mistaken for someone or something else, like a mining company, for example.

Current Economy Book Cover

The Current Economy: Electricity Markets and Techno-Economics

Canay Özden-Schilling

Stanford University Press, 2021

. The Current Economy is an ethnography of electricity markets in the United States that shows the heterogenous and technologically inflected nature of economic expertise today. Based on ethnographic fieldwork among market data analysts, electric grid engineers, and citizen activists, this book provides a deep dive into the convoluted economy of electricity and its reverberations throughout daily life.