Materiality, Extraction and the Allure of Potentiality in Bolivia
Mareike Winchell (University of Chicago) and Mark Goodale (University of Lausanne)
10:15 – 12:15 (UTC+1)
Thursday 9 March

This joint presentation examines the fraught interrelationship between materiality, extraction and contested futurities as a key analytical frame through which to understand both enduring and emergent sociopolitical and socioeconomic dynamics in contemporary Bolivia.

Using two distinct forms of extraction as case studies – fire management and mismanagement (Winchell) and the production of ‘battery grade’ lithium compounds from brine (Goodale) – the presentation explores the ways in which the materialities of energy processes crystallise legacies of racialised dispossession, local projects of auto-development, and competing visions of ‘productive sovereignty’, among others, all against a background of wider regional and global climate crisis.

To attend, contact Prof. Dr. PD Jelena Tosic ([email protected])