As her nearly 3-month stay with the Centre for Energy Ethics is coming to an end, visiting scholar Anna-Sophie Hobi feels re-engaged with her anthropological roots. During her time at St Andrews, Anna-Sophie made the most of the CEE’s active event schedule, engaging with the full range of Centre and wider departmental events.

“I had a fantastic time in St Andrews which was great for exchange on energy themes in society and politics, not only in our own academic research but beyond that.” Anna-Sophie said, “The opportunities to discuss net zero policies in Scotland at the Acting on Climate Change event in May, in arts and literature with Rebecca Sharp’s Long Field Loop performance, or the diverse Energy Cafés. Another small highlights was (for me working on battery factories) our visit to the battery lab at Eden Campus.”

Anna-Sophie and CEE Director Dr Mette High on the tour of the battery lab at Eden Campus.

Anna-Sophie was not just an attendee of these events. She volunteered at the Acting on Climate Change event, providing amazing support to our events team, and hosted an Energy Cafe where she presented some her own research.

“I was grateful for the opportunity to present my own research at an Energy Café back in April. The online and in-person audience were really helpful and engaged and I received a number of comments and questions which will help me going forward as I finish writing up my PhD. It was just very motivating and inspiring to meet others at the Centre for Energy Ethics more informally who all do fascinating work and come from various backgrounds.”

Hobi continues: “In saying that, it was also wonderful to get a chance to reconnect with my own discipline, Anthropology. In Norway, I am based at an interdisciplinary department of Development Studies, which has its own benefits but at St Andrews, it was nice to be able to get involved in the Department of Social Anthropology. I especially enjoyed the discussions in weekly PhD seminars, and the departmental seminars.”

Anna-Sophie’s experience at the Centre for Energy Ethics is exactly what we hope to offer to our prospective visiting students and scholars. If you or someone you know would like to apply to our visiting scholars scheme which applies to short research visits or an extended stay during sabbatical leave from their own university, please contact Centre Director Dr Mette High or another academic host within the Centre, who will make a proposal to the appropriate Head of School and Director of Research.