3MPlanet Competition

Entries for 3MPlanet 2022 will open in March!

About 3MPlanet

In May 2021, the Centre for Energy Ethics invited all honours students at the University of St Andrews whose dissertation research explores topics related to energy, climate change and/or climate action, to its inaugural Three Minute Planet (3MPlanet) competition.

The students were asked to present a compelling spoken presentation on their research topic and its significance to climate action to a non-specialist audience, in just three minutes.

Their final competition entries are presented below.

Picking a Winner

The finalists, selected by the judging panel, received expert training in designing and delivering an engaging and convincing research presentation.

The winner and the runner up were be selected by the expert judging panel and the videos were available on social media for a period of public voting to decide a public vote candidate.


The judges included:

  • Dr Carlos Galan-Diaz (Deputy Director, Research & Innovation Services)
  • Lea Weimann (Environment Officer, Student Association and ESB advisor)
  • Francesca Fotheringham (Public Engagement Officer)

All About Energy Podcast

In November 2021, we interviewed our the 3MPlanet winner – Isabella Cuervo-Lorens – and runner up – Georgina Steel – for the All About Energy podcast episode on Youth and Climate Activism.

Listen to the episode now!

3MPlanet 2021 Winner

Isabella Cuervo-Lorens

Runner Up

Georgina Steel

People’s Choice

Camiel Leake


Geraint Morgan

Alexandra Rive

Evdokia Kakouta

Noah Herfort

Cady Crowley