Africa’s pandemonium
Fountain not safeguarded
Land on fire
Land gasping for breath
Entrusted to us
Yet we demolish it
We can only rest until it is in ruins
Eyes of the country are red
Soil have tear to cry no more

Beautiful corner Mzansi
It’s mining as usual
Sun shines in Mpumalanga
We are all flooding to Emalahleni
To mine coal
Until the mines are in their knees
Power stations are over loaded
Women and men are forever mining
Yet we are forever load shed
Mpumalanga streets are soaking black
Our mothers’ nails have blackened
Coal dust formed lining in their eyebags
We carry gas with our lungs
Sugarcane grows no more
Floods of people in Mzansi must be fed
Soil has to be chemically pumped
In Mzansi there is no waiting for harvest season
All produce are plastic contaminated
Land is infested
Yet we mine

Eastern Cape is in drought
Sky is burning
Humans in grave-danger
Livestock helpless
Aloe vera plants are scorching
Karoo shrubs burning
It rains no more
The coastal is dry
Winelands are red hot
Table Mountain is in ruins

All corners of Joburg are dimmed
Coal smoke reigns
The city is in fire
Stage five load shed
The gold we all came for is no more
Each street corner is a dumping site
Mzansi is a free country
Bottled in ruins
Old car tyres are burning in township streets
Unemployed graduated burn electric wires for cash
Druggies steal copper wires from the railways
Sewage pipe are blocked with disposable nappies

Our beloved North West endangered
We all want a share in the platinum
Carrying placards written:
It’s our mines
It’s our birth right
It’s our heritage
We never take a minute to give the land a break
We are over-mining
Yet we remain poor

Limpopo epitome of chrome
The dead are disturbed
Loved ones spotted chrome
Gravesites are mining sites
Houses are full of holes
People mine what’s theirs
We walk in a diamond sand in Kimberly
Our grannies swerve it like tea
Minerals are ours
Power stations in the Welkom are functional
Mining community in the Vaal is thriving
Treaties are signed
But brown envelope overshadows the law
The government is plastic
We are plastic led
Laws are meant to decorate Mzansi
Make it look beautiful from afar

Tracts of this land are falling apart    
Rainbow nation unified in ruining the earth
Africa is ours
Yet we still act like passers-by
Our hands behold power to save this land
We are the custodians

New gold is thriving
Recycling culture is criticized
But it’s here to save us from ourselves
Disgust in Joburg motorists is undeniable
When seeing recyclers pulling trollies in high ways
They fight for the road with them

There is hope for Mzansi
It’s glory it’s awaiting us
Energy can be restored
Sun can still shine
Rivers will flow again
Soil can still survive
Taps run with clean waters
The power is in our hands
The future can be rewritten again
We can normalise protecting the earth
Reusing and recycling is our new culture
We can all adopt it with no ethnic or racial background
Accept the emerging green energy
Each household has a duty
Each soul has a role to play

This planet is ours
Nature is on our side
But we are running out of time
Hope glimmers from a distance
Future is tinted
But we can hold hands and unlearn plastic culture
And save what is ours
Our home
Our planet