School of International Relations


Matteo Fumagalli’s current project focuses on the internationalisation of the Lao PDR, with a particular focus on post-socialist state transformation and authoritarian environmental governance, energy mega-projects and infrastructural development and violence, and environmental contention. He is also involved in an AHRC-funded project on arts and conflict transformation in Myanmar’s ethnic minority areas. Matteo’s interests also include resource nationalism in the mining sector of Kyrgyzstan, ethnic minority politics in Central Asia, including diasporas and trans-nationalism, and the relationship between development and aid and regional inequality.

Selected publications

Fumagalli, M. ‘Laos. The making of an internationalised state’. Cambridge University Press (under contract).

Fumagalli, M. & Rymarenko, M. ‘Krym, Rossiya, navsegda? Critical junctures, critical antecedents and the paths not taken in the making of Russia’s annexation of Crimea’. Nationalities Papers, 2022.

Fumagalli, M. ‘Identity through difference: liminal diasporism and generational change among the Koryo Saram in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan’, European Journal of Korean Studies, 20(2)., 2021.

Fumagalli, M. ‘Luang Prabang: climate change and rapid development’, Cities. International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning, 97C, 2020.