UKRI-Future Leaders Fellow, School of Physics and Astronomy


Dr Lethy K J is a UKRI-Future Leaders Fellow at the University of St Andrews, UK. Currently, she is establishing the Energy Harvesting Research Group at the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of St Andrews. While a Post-doctoral fellow at KAUST she expanded her research expertise to the field of solution-processed photovoltaics and contributed to the development of record efficient organic and quantum dot solar cells. In 2015, she returned to the UK to join as a Research Fellow at the Organic Semiconductor Center at the University of St Andrews, UK. In 2017, she was awarded Marie-Curie Individual Fellowship, to focus her research on the ‘Time-resolved photovoltaic properties of hybrid perovskite semiconductors’ under Professor Samuel’s supervision. In 2020, March she was awarded the prestigious UKRI-Future Leaders Fellowship to build her own research team. 

Selected publications

Organic photovoltaics for simultaneous energy harvesting and high-speed MIMO optical wireless communications. I Tavakkolnia, LK Jagadamma, R Bian, PP Manousiadis, S Videv. Light: Science & Applications

Triple-cation perovskite solar cells for visible light communications. NA Mica, R Bian, P Manousiadis, LK Jagadamma, I Tavakkolnia, H Haas. Photonics Research 8 (8), A16-A24

Interface limited hole extraction from methylammonium lead iodide films. O Blaszczyk, LK Jagadamma, A Ruseckas, MT Sajjad, Y Zhang. Materials Horizons 7 (3), 943-948

Efficient indoor pin hybrid perovskite solar cells using low temperature solution processed NiO as hole extraction layers. LK Jagadamma, O Blaszczyk, MT Sajjad, A Ruseckas, IDW Samuel. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 201, 110071

Polymer solar cells with efficiency> 10% enabled via a facile solution‐processed Al‐doped ZnO electron transporting layer. LK Jagadamma, M Al‐Senani, A El‐Labban, I Gereige. Advanced Energy Materials 5 (12), 1500204