Associate Professor, Business administration, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences


Dr Høyer Toft holds a PhD in political theory from Aarhus University, after which he held research positions at the University of Copenhagen and Aalborg University and was a guest researcher at the Copenhagen Business School. His research is mainly in philosophy but with a cross-disciplinary approach in bioethics, political philosophy, sustainability and business ethics.

Selected publications

De Godoy, J., Otrel-Cass, K., & Toft, K. H. (2021) ‘Transformations of trust in society: a systematic review of how access to big data in energy systems challenges Scandinavian culture’.
Energy and AI, special issue on inclusion and diversity. Vol. 5, September

Toft, K.H. & Rüdiger, M. (2020) ‘Mapping corporate climate change ethics: Responses among three Danish energy firms’. Energy Research and Social Science, vol. 59, January, pp. 1-17. *
(Ed.) Benjamin Sovacool.

Toft, K.H. (2020) ‘Climate change as a business and human rights issue – A proposal for a moral
typology’. Business and Human Rights Journal, vol. 5, issue 1, January, pp. 1-27.
(ed.) Florian Wettstein.

Toft, K.H. (2020) Corporate responsibility and political philosophy: Exploring the social liberal corporation. New York: Routledge. (Ed.) Andrew Weckenmann (182 pages), 30th Marchøyer-toft

Toft, K.H. (2020) ‘COP 15 and the new climate agenda: The ethics of bottom-up governance’, Chapter 11 in (ed. Arler et al.) in Ethics in Danish Energy Policy. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 239-256. 28th April