Postdoctoral Research Associate, Democracy Initiative (The Repair Lab), University of Virginia


Jonna Yarrington is a sociocultural, historical, and applied anthropologist specializing in human stratification. She studies how distinctions among individuals and groups are ideologically naturalized, politically maintained, and continually reproduced. She uses her work in stratification and differentiation to research the social and cultural effects of anthropogenic climate change, focusing on changes to social relations, stratification, and property inheritance. Her experience includes community-engaged applied anthropology projects – i.e., projects that prioritize the development of socially beneficial deliverables. Dr. Yarrington is a postdoctoral research associate at the Democracy Initiative (The Repair Lab) at the University of Virginia, where she directs the Environmental Justice Policy Clinic. She is currently working with a practitioner on an environmental justice project in Norfolk, Virginia, centered on tenants’ assertions and emerging predatory solar energy practices.