Associate Professor, History of Science and Technology (King's) & College of Sustainability (Dalhousie), University of King's College & Dalhousie University (Canada)


Ian is an historian of science and philosophy, from early modern to contemporary periods. Long interested in the philosophical foundations of interdisciplinary intersections between natural, social and human sciences, his recent work has focussed on social-ecological systems theory and its variants/critiques as an approach to contemporary environmental challenges, including energy transitions. Educated on both sides of the Atlantic, with a BSc in Phyics (Trent), an MA in HPS (Univ. of Toronto) and a PhD in HPS (Cambridge), his current projects focus on environmental impact assessment as a hybrid of interdisciplinary description and imagination (, and its applications to societal transformation in coastal zones (

Selected publications

Stewart, I.G., Fusco, L., da Silva, G.P. “Assessing Blue: Impact Assessment and Canada’s Blue Economy”. In preparation for Frontiers in Marine Science , Guest editor Gerald Singh 

Stewart, I.G., Harding, M. (2021). “One Pipeline and Two Impact Assessments: Coproduction, Legal Pluralism, and the Trans Mountain Expansion Project”. Science, Technology and Human Values. 

Stewart, I.G., Cherry, J. and Harding, M., (2021). Groundwater Contamination Science and the Precautionary Principle. In Abrunhosa, M. et al. (2021). Advances in Geoethics and Groundwater Management: Theory and Practice for a Sustainable Development. Cham, SU: Springer Nature.  pp. 17-21 

Porges, K. & Stewart, I.G.(2022) The Jena Declaration: German pedagogical responsibilities. In: Luciana Bellatalla, Piergiovanni Genovesi, Eva Matthes & Sylvia Schütze eds. Nation, Nationalism and School in Contemporary Europe / Nation, Nationalismus und Schule im zeitgenössischen Europa. Bad Heilbrunn: Klinkhardt

Stewart, I.G. (2021). The unavoidable tension in the “science vs policy” divide. Review essay of Oppenheimer et al. Discerning Experts. The Practices of Scientific Assessment for Environmental Policy. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 2019. In Proceedings of the Nova Scotia Institute of Science, 51(1): 203-9. 

Stewart, I.G., Hossfeld, Uwe, & Levit, G.S. (2019). Evolutionary ethics and Haeckelian monism: The case of Heinrich Schmidt’s Harmonie (1931). Theory in Biosciences 138, 189–202.