Christopher Groves is a research associate on the Energy Biographies project in the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University. His research interests include risk, uncertainty, social futures, the ethics of technology, and intergenerational ethics.

Selected publications:

2015      “We are a community but that takes a certain amount of energy”: Exploring shared visions, social action and resilience in place-based community-led initiatives. With Parkhill, K. et al. Environmental Science & Policy 53(A), pp. 60-69.

2015      The Bomb in my Backyard, the Serpent in my House: Environmental justice, risk and the colonisation of attachment. Environmental Politics 24(6)

2015      Energy Biographies: Narrative genres, lifecourse transitions and practice change. Science Technology and Human Values

2015      Asking about the Future: Methodological insights from energy biographies. With Shirani, F. et al. International Journal of Social Research Methodology

2014      Care, Uncertainty and Intergenerational Ethics. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

2007      Future Matters: action, knowledge, ethics. With Adam, B. E. The Study of Time/Supplements, Vol. 3. Leiden: Brill.