Professor, Department of Management, University of St Andrews; University of Groningen


Bert Scholtens’ research is directed at international financial intermediation and environmental finance and economics. He publishes in international academic journals and teaches about portfolio management, corporate governance, and credit risk analysis He coaches both Bachelor and Master students in completing their thesis. He also supervises several PhD-students.

Selected publications

  1. Bert Scholtens, Emma Witteveen. 2021. Shocks, Stocks and Ratings: The Financial Community Response to Global Environmental and Health Controversies Global Environmental Change 68, 102245.
  2. Jan Taeke Galama, Bert Scholtens. 2021. A meta-analysis of the relationship between companies’ greenhouse gas emissions and financial performance, Environmental Research Letters
  3. Arjan Trinks, Gbenga Ibikunle, Machiel Mulder, Bert Scholtens, 2021. Carbon intensity and the cost of equity capital. Energy Journal
  4. Auke Plantinga, Bert Scholtens, 2021. The financial impact of fossil fuel divestment. Climate Policy. 21, 107-119.
  5. Jean-Baptiste Jouffray, Beatrice Crona, Emmy Wassénius, Jan Bebbington, Bert Scholtens, 2019. Leverage points in the financial sector for seafood sustainability. Science Advances. 5 (10), eaax3324