PhD Candidate, Department of Social Anthropology


Vavvos Andreas graduated from the University of Crete majoring in Psychology. He was awarded his master’s from the Department of Sociology of the University of Crete. He is a Ph.D. student at the Department of Social Anthropology, Saint Andrews, and the Department of Psychology, University of Crete. The dissertation is located at the collaborative intersection between social anthropology and critical psychology, exploring how diverse social groups comprehend their futures in an interconnected global sector (energy). He is concerned with better understanding human agency, particularly futural anticipation and utopian thinking. As such, the dissertation attempts to contribute to ongoing debates in both social anthropology and critical psychology, where questions of temporality, the consequences of enforced labor transitions, the influence of social movements, and the implications of scalar methodologies are currently at the fore. He works as a social researcher in the research programs “SIGMA – Sustainable Innovation and Governance in the Mediterranean Area for the WEF Nexus” (Prima Project) and ”Moving – Mountain Valorization through Interconnectedness and Green Growth” (Horizon 2020). He won a scholarship of financial aid due to academic excellence during postgraduate studies (Special Account for Research Grants of the University of Crete) and a scholarship of financial aid from the institution Konstantinos Vellios for undergraduate studies.

Selected publications

Vavvos, A., Tzanakis, M., & Triliva, S. (forthcoming). “From the world of falsehood to the world of truth”: Recovery and reflexivity in Clubs of Families with Alcohol-related Problems in Crete (Special Issue: Explorations and expansions for a critical realist community psychology, Eds. Francois Lauzier-Jobin and Bradley Olson). Journal of Community Psychology.

Vavvos, A., & Triliva, S. (2021). Protesting against property foreclosures in a fragmented socio-political sphere: An action- oriented model. In A. Zoli, C. Walker & S. Zlotowitz (Eds.), New ideas for new times: Α handbook of innovative community and clinical psychologies. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Vavvos, A., & Triliva, S. (2018). The neoliberal myth of austerity: Debt and solidarity in the forefront of public space. Journal of Social and Political Psychology, 6(2), 315-330. doi:10.5964/jspp.v6i2.740.

Zaimakis, Y., & Vavvos, A. (2021). Αθλητισμός και τόποι μνήμης: Οι Αρκάδιοι αγώνες στο Ρέθυμνο [Sports and realms of memory: The Arcadia races in Rethymno (1936-2020)]. Rethymno: Social Analysis and Applied Social Research Laboratory/Region of Crete. Available in: