Senior Lecturer, School of Geography & Sustainable Development


I am an interdisciplinary academic, focusing cultural landscape dynamics and the relevance of management legacies in contemporary conservation, using environmental history, palaeoecology and participatory social science. This draws on my BSc in botany, MSc in environmental archaeology and PhD in conservation palaeoecology, and research in participatory environmental management.

Selected publications

Woodbridge, J., R. Fyfe, D. Smith, R. Pelling, A. de Vareilles, C. R. Batchelor, A. Bevan and A. L. Davies (2021) What drives biodiversity patterns? Using long-term multi-disciplinary data to discern centennial-scale change. Journal of Ecology 109(3): 1396-1410.

Davies, A. L. (2019) Dung fungi as an indicator of large herbivore dynamics in peatlands. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 271: 104108.

Davies, A. L., R. Streeter, I. T. Lawson, K. H. Roucoux and W. Hiles (2018) The application of resilience concepts in palaeoecology. The Holocene 28(9): 1523-1534.

Davies, A. L., S. Colombo and N. Hanley (2014) Improving the application of long-term ecology in conservation and land management. Journal of Applied Ecology 51(1): 63-70.

Davies, A. L. and R. M. White (2012) Collaboration in natural resource governance: Reconciling stakeholder expectations in deer management in Scotland. Journal of Environmental Management 112(0): 160-169.