PhD Candidate , School of Chemistry


I completed an MChem with Maths degree at the University of St Andrews for my undergrad, in which I worked on a computational project predicting the transition energies of a variety of doped ceria materials for use as electrolytes in solid oxide fuel cells.

I am now a PhD candidate at the University of St Andrews working to develop novel materials, such as doped ceria and mesoporous perovskites/spinels, for use as anodes in intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells. My main focus is to develop high surface area mesoporous materials that can more efficiently catalyse the oxidation of hydrocarbon/hydrogen fuels at lower temperatures with the hope that these materials can improve the performance of fuel cell anodes and provide a route for direct oxidation of fuels like methane that otherwise require pre-treatments.

Generally speaking, I’m interested in improving energy storage technologies and how the use of fuel cells can not only provide a more efficient way of producing energy, but supplement the global increase of renewable energy usage.