Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy


I am a lecturer in philosophy in the School of Philosophical, Anthropological, and Film Studies at the University of St. Andrews. Information about my teaching and other activities can be found on my staff website.

I am a founder and co-director of the Future of Work and Income Research Network at the Centre for Ethics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs. I am on the Executive Committee of the Aristotelian Society and the Management Committee of the British Society for the History of Philosophy. And I am a Research Scholar at the Global Institute for Sustainable Policy.

Selected publications

“Work Cut Out For Us”, The Philosopher’s Magazine 90 (2020).

“Debt and Paradox in the Early Modern Period”, in Early Modern Debts, ed. L. Kolb and G. Oppitz- Trotman (Palgrave MacMillan: 2020).

“Spinoza, Money, and Desire”, European Journal of Philosophy 26:4 (2018).

The Philosophy of Debt (London: Routledge, 2015).

‘Contrived Desires, Affluence, and Welfare: J.K. Galbraith’s Pigovian Redistribution Argument Reconsidered’, European Journal of the History of Economic Thought 23:4 (2015).