Professor of Geology, School of Earth & Environmental Sciences


Adrian Finch specialises in critical element deposits in rift-related magmatism; how to find them, how they form and how they are modified by late-stage fluids. He is particularly involved in reconstructing the three-dimensional shape of the ore body and determining the mechanisms by which it has formed. He consults for several Exploration Geology companies interested in searching for and extracting critical metals from alkaline and peralkaline rocks. He has been advisor for the Government Office of Science (GOScience) and has submitted evidence to UK and Scottish Government Information calls on resource issues. He also works on the development of traceability and the forensic reconstruction of where the metals in critical metal devices were sourced.

Selected publications

Beard CD, Finch AA, Borst AM, Goodenough KM, Hutchison W, Millar IL, Andersen T, Williams HM, Weller OM (2024) A phlogopite-bearing lithospheric mantle source for Europe’s largest REE-HFSE belt: Gardar Rift, SW Greenland. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 640, 118780.

Sokół K, Finch AA, Hutchison W, Cloutier J, Borst AM, Humphreys M (2022) Quantifying metasomatic HFSE-REE transport from alkaline magmas, Geology, 50, 305-310,

Hutchison W, Finch AA, Borst AM, Marks MAW, Upton BGJ, Zerkle AL, Stueken EE, Boyce AJ (2021) Mantle sources and magma evolution in Europe’s largest rare earth element belt (Gardar Province, SW Greenland): New insights from sulfur isotopes. Earth & Planetary Science Letters, 568, 117034

Hutchison W, Finch AA & Boyce AJ (2020) The sulfur isotope evolution of magmatic-hydrothermal fluids: insights into ore-forming processes. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 288, 176-198.

Borst AM, Smith MP, Finch AA, Estrade G, Villanova-de-Benavent C, Nason P, Marquis E, Horsburgh NJ, Goodenough KM, Xu C, Kynický J & Geraki K (2020) Adsorption of Rare Earth Elements in Regolith-Hosted Clay Deposits, Nature Communications11, 4386.