The organisers of ETROD are excited to invite you to the upcoming Extractivism and Transition Research Online Dialogue session on Thursday 16th November 2023, 4:00 pm sharp, CET. Email [email protected] for the link to this event.


This paper explores what can be learned from emergent practice around contestations over just transitions and relevant examples of previous experience of citizen attempts to centre justice issues in resource politics. Are there key insights that might inform contemporary efforts to ensure that energy transitions are just transitions? In order to identify insights from these experiences and struggles as they might pertain to contemporary attempts to ensure transitions are more socially just,  we explore a broad body of work on (i) just transitions, energy justice and energy transitions (ii) contentious resource politics and attempts to democratise them, and (iii) social movement struggles for justice. We focus, in particular, on issues of voice (representation), spaces (for participation) and alliances (for change).

About the speaker:

Peter Newell is a Professor of International Relations at the University of Sussex. He is a specialist in the politics and political economy of environment and development. For more than 25 years he has conducted research, consultancy and advisory work on issues of climate change and energy, agricultural biotechnology, corporate accountability and trade policy working in a number of countries including Argentina, Brazil, China, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Mexico and South Africa. In recent years his research has mainly focussed on the political economy of carbon markets and low carbon energy transitions.
In the session an input by Peter will be followed by a moderated discussion between you and Peter.