The Energy Technology Partnership’s established Energy Industry Doctorate Programme is now open for a further call, in support of the Scottish Government’s Energy Strategy.

This programme is addressing the strategic demands of industry and government for ‘industry-ready’, post-doctoral researchers to enhance energy industry innovation and knowledge exchange effectiveness. A defining characteristic of the programme is strong industry engagement where companies are co-investors, support project specification and engage with the research directly.

Over 120 high quality PhD studentships have been awarded, on a competitive basis, since 2010. See the ETP website for a list of funded projects.

The PhD proposals should relate to one of the six strategic aims of the Scottish Energy Strategy – The Future of Energy in Scotland:

  1. Consumer Engagement and Protection
  2. Champion Scotland’s Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Potential
  3. Improve the Energy Efficiency of Scotland’s Homes, Buildings, Industrial Processes and Manufacturing
  4. Support Oil and Gas Industry Strengths
  5. Maintain Secure, Resilient and Flexible Energy Supplies
  6. Empower Communities by Supporting Innovative Local Energy Systems and Networks

In addition, there will be areas are of particular interest in 2021 which will be communicated in due course, mainly through a webinar on Wednesday 7 April 2021.

These can include technological, numerical, environmental, legislative, economic, and policy aspects.