The Centre for Energy Ethics launched its 5-part online seminar series “Ukraine: Energy in the Spotlight” on Thursday 7 April to enable discussions of the energy issues that have become ever more urgent locally, nationally, and internationally since the latest Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Organised by a team of CEE researchers, the seminars have presenters from Ukraine and beyond, include art works by Ukrainian artists, and help fundraising for those directly affected by the war.

CEE Director Dr Mette High said: “In organising a seminar series like this one, it has been crucial for us that our audiences get to hear directly from people in the region as well as from people who have long-standing expertise on the region. By bringing their voices, experiences, and insights together with the creative arts, we want to create a space where you can engage with energy questions in ways that allow for not only complexity but also urgency”.

For fundraising, the series assists University of St Andrews in raising money for its Hardship Appeal, which aims to provide peace of mind that St Andrews will remain a safe and supportive haven for anyone directly affected by the war. You can donate to the fund here.