In keeping with the University of St Andrews’ Green Week, the St Andrews Institute for Gender Studies will host a presentation via Teams on ‘Climate Change’ as part of their Internal Speaker series.

Speakers: Catherine Jones (IR) and Samuel Woolhead (Transition)

Time: 4 November from 1pm – 2pm

Join the Teams Meeting Here

The Internal Speaker Series has been set up as a “brown bag” lunch seminar, of approximately an hour, between 1 and 2pm, so feel free to come and eat your lunch with us virtually!

StAIGS’ Internal Speaker Series has two staff members from different departments across the university who will present on a single topic, as it relates to gender (intersectionally understood), for about 15 minutes each, and then there are 30 minutes for questions and discussion. This is a casual event to get to know more about colleagues’ work at the University of St Andrews.