Art of Energy Exhibition 2021

The Energy Ethics team and University of St Andrews welcome you to the Art of Energy virtual exhibition. The vibrant and diverse artworks you are about to experience gravitate around, challenge and question the central theme of ‘how can we make sense of the entanglement of life with energy?’  

Click below to start exploring our gallery. Use your arrow keys to move around the 3D gallery space and your cursor to look around.  To zoom into an image, text, sound source, or video use your shift key.  To exit the gallery, use your esc key It may take a moment to load. Web browsers and digital devices may function differently in the virtual gallery space. Please be advised, visitors may find some images disturbing.

On the first floor, you will find exhibits by three world-renowned photographers, each bringing their own distinctive perspective to the theme of energy in contemporary life. On the second floor, you will find creative works from a range of artists participating in the inaugural Art of Energy Award. A soundscape created by musicians pecq will accompany your journey throughout the gallery space.  

We invite you to explore this virtual gallery at your own pace. Enjoy!