Steve Garrett – Song of the Ice

A new collaborative project that combines music, science, sound, animation and images to tell the story of the life of the Antarctic ice sheet. Stunning new music, leading-edge science, animation and imagery from Steve’s Antarctic field seasons blended in collaboration with BAS Antarctic scientists to tell the story of the Antarctic ice sheet in three parts:

  1. Isolate: the last 180 million years – other continents move away, the continent becoming isolated and the ice sheet forming
  2. Grow: the last 30 million years — the ice sheet forms and moves, accompanied by the haunting sounds of icequakes
  3. Breathe: the last 0.8 million years — the rise and fall of C02 in ice cores converted to sound and music, with a final higher note reflecting recent conditions

This solo performance includes an introductory talk and Q&A session helping you to engage in the performance and material and will be followed by a reception at the Byre Theatre.

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Guitarist. Earth scientist. Born in London. Lived in the UK, Antarctica, USA & Canada. Calls Scotland home. His work has been received well across jazz, folk and roots genres on radio stations and in magazines across the UK. His solo electric guitar recordings ‘Even Song’, ‘Discover and Endure’ & ‘The Song of the Ice’ re-imagine jazz, folk, rock and classical music. His acoustic duo with the double bass of Peter Lowit is featured on In Arden. During lockdown, Steve and singer Alex Fordham remotely built their Songstring repertoire. Steve helped to lead the wonderful lockdown community project Our Living Rivers and Glens. He is now privileged to resume live performances in 2022 featuring music from these diverse projects.


Jun 08 2023