Looking North Through Art, Part 2: Artists and Authors

Mhairi Killin & Alastair McIntosh
Joined by Rutger Emmelkamp representing the Tireragan Trust 

We are honoured to initiate the second round of talks with a conversation between the visual artist Mhairi Killin RSA and the well-known activist, writer, and academic Alastair McIntosh. The Hebrides constitute an important element in shaping both of their perceptions and understandings of the central themes of our talk series, namely the concepts of landscape, nature, Northernness and also energy (ethics) in a Scottish context and beyond. Their perspective thereby contrasts most mainstream discourses which tend to be speaking from a position located on the mainland, and thus typically more Southern than the Highlands and Islands. Further points the pair will touch upon include reflections on our conceptions and relationships with the more-than-human world, and how that relates to both environmental thought and action, spirituality and the ethics of energy.

We will also be joined by the Tireragan Trust, an organisation that seeks to protect, enhance biodiversity and connect people sensitively to Tierargan – a wild Atlantic ecosystem on the Isle of Mull covering 625 hectares of spectacular wild coastal land.   


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Apr 05 2023


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm