Electricity Networks – Connecting Worlds by Wires 

In this seminar, we explore the electricity networks that connect Ukrainians and connect Ukraine to the broader region. Since 2017, Ukraine has been preparing to desynchronise their electrical grid from that of Russia and Belarus to join the European grid instead. The Russian invasion of Ukraine coincided with planned desynchronisation of the Ukrainian grid from Russia’s and what was originally intended as a short test instead led to an emergency synchronisation with the European grid. As a metaphor and enactment of Ukrainian independence from Russia, the grid is also critical to humanitarian and nuclear safety efforts, which renders it a highly vulnerable target for attacks. 

We ask: how to maintain a stable grid during war and how can other countries help the effort? How do synchronisations of grids affect electricity supplies domestically and internationally in times of war? And to what extent is it possible to depoliticise and dehistoricise electrical grids so they do not remain such common targets in war? 

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This event is part of the Ukraine: Energy in the Spotlight series. 

Image courtesy of the UMA. Copyright: Mariupol Museum of Local History.


Apr 21 2022


2:00 pm