Benjamin Llorens Rocamora

Former Historian, Benjamin is a passionate documentary filmmaker interested in the methods of adaptation humans develop to address changing social environment, new technologies and political conflicts. He’s been involved for the last two years in documenting the rhythms, discourses and discussions inside the agrotechnological industries. Complementing his previous works representing oppressed minorities in Brazil ‘Nossor Morro’, Congo ‘Amaki Kila Siku’ and Lebanon ‘I am waiting for you’, in his last two projects, he has focused in understanding industries and the necessity to disclose their practices and bring these closer to consumers. Focusing on the communicative dynamics inside the world’s major companies his objective is to find the subjectivity in discourses of progress and sustainability, finding and exposing the contradictions that create polarized discourses.

Paloma Yáñez Serrano

Paloma is a visual anthropologist working for the past seven years to bring participatory ethnographic filmmaking to the wider public. She has done so through the Big Tree Collective, a hub for young documentary filmmakers concerned with social issues with a lack of visual representation. The collective has tackled the war in Ukraine for those that stay behind in the capital in the film ‘Far from the frontline’ (2014), the unrepresented in the Congolese music industry through ‘Amani Kila Siku’ (2014), the Egyptian revolution from the perspective of children’s play in ‘City Play’ (2015),  the violent reality of the favelas in Rio de Janeiro through the perspective of adolescents in ‘Nosso Morro’ (2016), and modern day taboos with cancer in the Middle East in ‘Amani Kila Siku’ (2017).