Event Details

The climate crisis is global, but it was not made and will not be felt equally. Africa is the continent that has contributed least to carbon emissions. Yet it stands to be most devastatingly affected by the effects of climate change, with limited resources to cope. Today, African perspectives on just transitions to a low-carbon world have never been more important. Africa@2050 is a new initiative which seeks to re-imagine climate futures creatively and collaboratively on continent. 

Following the Africa@2050 Climate Fiction Competition, this workshop will bring together experts on climate science and policy in Africa with emerging African writers of climate fiction to discuss both predictions and targets for climate futures, and alternative imaginaries. What is the place of Africa in the world in 2050 under a changing climate? What challenges lie ahead, what dreams, hopes and opportunities? The workshop features two sessions that each imagine and present visions of climate futures on the continent from both experts and writers. 

The first session, “The Predicted Future”, will feature short presentations from experts in climate science and policy on the current outlook, predictions, and targets of climate change on the continent. The second session, “The Imagined Future”, will feature storytelling from the winning writers of our climate fiction competition and talks from established writers and competition judges. Come along to this workshop featuring world experts on climate science in Africa and award-winning writers, and join us in re-imagining our world otherwise. 

This event is hosted by the Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Studies (University of Ghana) in conjunction with the Centre for Energy Ethics (University of St Andrews)