Senior Researcher, Environment & Climate Change, Corporate Citizenship at SLR Consulting


Mary Dodd is a climate change consultant specialising in environmental initiatives and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) provision across a wide variety of sectors and clients, with particular expertise and focus on Just Transitions.

Prior to consultancy, Mary was engaged in policymaking at the Scottish Government, where she worked on developing policy and research on Just Transition to Net Zero principles and actions around transport use in Scotland. In this role, she contributed to driving forward the Just Transition agenda and implementing a cross-cutting policy portfolio which embedded JT at the core of Scottish climate action (both within and outside the SG), particularly through the Transport sector’s interventions in key areas of environmental and social policy.

Mary completed a PhD in International Relations at the University of St Andrews in 2023, where she was also an Associate Fellow of the Centre for Global Law and Governance. Her thesis focused on analysing modes of constitutional engagement, arguing for a holistic approach to constitutionalism and a democratisation of participation in the same.