Teaching Fellow, Social Anthropology, Durham University


Gabriela Manley is a Teaching Fellow at the University of St Andrews’ Social Anthropology department. She studied Scottish nationalism and its futural orientations, paying attention to the ways in which the future influences political action, in particular utopian/dystopian imaginations of climate futures. Her research is based on long-term fieldwork amongst Scottish National Party activists in Edinburgh. She is the founder and co-convenor of the ASA Anthropology of Time network and the webmaster for American Ethnologist.

Selected publications

Manley, G. 2022. Reimagining the enlightenment: Alternate timelines and utopian futures in the Scottish independence movement, History and Anthropology.

Pre-print. Manley, G. 2021. Temporalities of Emergent Axiomatic Violence in Brexit Scotland, Anthropological Forum, 31:3, 275- 290.

Manley, G. 2019. Scotland’s Post-Referenda Futures. Anthropology Today, 35(4): 13-17. 2020.

Manley, G., Dougan, B., McGranahan, C. (Eds.) “Pandemic Diaries”. American Ethnologist website.

Manley, G., Noula, E., Piña, G., Sansone, R., Sharma, S., Sopranzetti, C. & Souiah, F., 2021. #PoliticalEngagements: Punctuation and Flow. In: Allegra Lab.