Building 3

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In this building you will find the following exhibits: 

What Does Post-Industrial Look Like? 
Comprising post-industrial landscape photography from Scotland and Ukraine by Martyna Krupa and Mykhailo Kulishov, and intersecting with Victoria Donovan’s research on the visual heritage of industrialization in the UK and Ukraine, this exhibition reflects on the question: what does post-industrial look like? We are often presented with a visual dichotomy when it comes to the post-history of industrialization. Celebratory industrial aesthetics dominate heritage representations of industry, while depressing post-industrial visions, including post-apocalyptic “ruin porn,” reign on Instagram. This collection of works is concerned with the way nature redefines industrial spaces after humans abandon them, and how humans return to find meditative solace in these landscapes.

A Place For Oil: Memory Of Oil And Place In Museums Across The World 
Since the beginning of the industrial production of oil in the mid-19th century, oil and modernity have been closely intertwined. Literally and symbolically, oil industry fuelled economic transformations, the spread of cities, and the pursuit of global realities. As oil changed the world, it also transformed many specific places, especially where oil was produced. New towns were built and later abandoned, local communities destroyed and later re-created. Today, as oil production is becoming increasingly problematized and other sources of energy begin to take its place, the time has come to reflect upon the role of oil and its heritage in these places of production. We are pleased to invite you to our week-long  workshop where we will explore these fundamental questions about the connections between oil, place, and memory.

Exhibit 3: opening November 2021 

Exhibit 4: opening November 2021