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In this building you will find the following exhibits: 

Sea Mammal Research Unit 
A significant proportion of current strategic research at the Sea Mammal Research Unit is directed towards assessing the effects of offshore renewable energy generation (wind, tide and wave) construction and operation and is of concern to both regulators and industry. A major research programme, funded by Marine Scotland is being undertaken, focussing on the effect of tidal turbine arrays planned for deployment in Scottish waters.

Hydrogen Accelerator 
The Hydrogen Accelerator Project, based out of the University of St Andrews is looking to play a central role in defining and delivering decarbonisation in Scotland. Through their research The Hydrogen Accelerator will facilitate the realisation of Scotland’s hydrogen future by bringing together, public bodies, industry, research organisations, and higher and further education institutions. Additionally, The Hydrogen Accelerator will provide expertise in the design and delivery of hydrogen projects, provide vital project management guidance and support, coordinate Scotland’s key hydrogen initiatives, enable capabilities to create new opportunities, and conduct analysis of the evolution of hydrogen-related technologies.

Eco Worrier, Eco Warrior 
Eco-anxiety is an area of increasing interest and a significant issue of our times, but we know very little about the lived experiences of people actually dealing with it. This research project aims to find out how anxiety, distress and grief about the environment affects daily life for individuals across generations and families. This exhibit features original photography by Marc Millar supplied from his personal collection to accompany the research of Dr Bridget Bradley. For more information, head to the project website.

From steaming swamp to blanket bog: peatlands in action
Come on a journey through Peru’s tropical peatlands through a selection of photographs provided by Researchers from the University of St Andrews, Leeds and Edinburgh and the Institute for Research on the Peruvian Amazon during research in the peatlands of the Peruvian Amazon. To find out more, head to the exhibit website.